Hectad ‘adoption’

The current position of hectad adoption is as below. Let Jeremy know of errors or changes – or leave a comment below. [Red-bordered hectad GRs are currently unadopted.]

Download: click/select here to open the map in a new window/tab; right-click over the map to open a Save or Download menu.

What does the role involve?

The kind of things that hectad adopters might consider:

  • explore the hectad to find, and then record, the best areas in terms of habitat, diversity, significant species, etc.
  • plan to achieve good coverage* in all parts of hectad in each twenty-year round
  • ensure timely input of data to the BSBI’s Distribution Database (via the vice-county recorders)
  • laise with other recorders to expedite coverage, and avoid duplication; perhaps create local ‘team’
  • offer advice, and co-lead, group outings in your hectad
  • enjoy!

[* ‘good coverage’ is regarded as achieving (within each 20-year recording round of the BSBI, currently 2020–2039) at least one well-recorded monad in each of your 25 tetrads]

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