Recording-forms for VCC 69 & 70

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Recording forms for Cumbria

A: These new versions are double-sided, so lists from (say) two monads can be entered. (These are based on BSBI lists for VC 69 and 70, but they are similar.)

There is also sufficient space between the BRC code and the name for a mark, so that (with crossing off the name as well) you could enter four lists… at a pinch!

Note also the vertical dividing line at the top: fold along this, and the sheet fits very neatly around an A5-sized stiff card: very convenient!

Right-click for the Save or Download menu…

VC69 recording sheet (double)

VC70 recording sheet (double)

B: Alternatively, you can download the B.S.B.I. originals from here, and print their standard coversheet on one side and a VC list on the other.


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