Recording Cumbria’s Flora

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The Current Position

What plants should we record??

Grabbing grid-references

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Recording-forms for VCC 69 & 70

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Hectad adoption map

Reports & announcements

Our current focus…

… is on gathering records in the ‘next round’ of recording for the BSBI, the years 2020–2039.

The current state of inputting

See also, for more information the ‘Current Position’ page, linked above. 

This shows the final result for the county, with numbers of species per tetrad.

Over half a million records were gathered, processed and imported to the national database during 2000–2019.

We might hope to at least emulate this result in the next round of recording, 2020–2039! The first year, 2020, got off to a distinctly rocky start through covid-18 restrictions.  22463 records were processed.

To date (March 2022), 17103 records have been processed thus far for 2021.

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