Recording Cumbria’s Flora

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BSBI ‘Atlas 2020’: strategy

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Our current focus…

… is on gathering records for the BSBI Atlas 2020 project, which covers the twenty years up to 2020.

We have just two more years in which to collect and input data (2018 to 2019). Phill, our ‘data-man’, has the ‘master’ copy of biological recording application MapMate for the county’s records, which will be sent to BSBI for the Atlas.

The current state of inputting

See also, for more information the ‘Current Position’ page, linked above. 

This shows the current levels of data from 2000 onwards (March 2018), at tetrad level or better resolution, currently in the  ‘master’ copy of MapMate. (NB – tetrads with fewer than 50 taxa recorded are not mapped.)

We know that for some of the apparently ‘blank’ areas around the county information still exists ‘on paper’. We are hoping to ‘call this in’ and get data input as soon as possible.

Do you have any records to put forward: please get in touch! 

Note that you may leave comments below. (Admin checks incoming comments before they are posted here.) 

If you have files or other material to add to this page, contact one or other of the VCRs above.



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