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These ID discussion guides are roughly in the order of flowering through the season. (Note the Cumbrian focus – for some articles, but not all, all the UK representatives in the group occur in the county, and are covered.)

[Note: photos are ‘clickable‘ (opening with better resolution in a new page; use your browser’s ‘return to previous page’ controls to return to the article).]

Go to ⇢ Cumbrian Snowdrops

Go to ⇢ Some Cumbrian Crocuses

Go to ⇢ Some Cumbrian Chionodoxa and Scilla

Go to ⇢ Cumbrian cherries/plums ~ genus Prunus

Go to ⇢ Bluebells in Cumbria ~ genus Hyacinthoides

Go to ⇢ Cumbrian Viola: violets & pansies

Go to Cumbrian Ribes ~ currants

Go to ⇢ Lesser Celandine (Ficaria) subspecies

Go to Northern Hawk’s-beard, Crepis mollis ~ ID

Go to ⇢ Enchanter’s-nightshades ~ genus Circaea


7 thoughts on “Look out for…”

  1. No mention of the fact that Ribes alpinum is dioecious I have a male and female plant in our wood at Larch Cottage and the flowers look quit different.


    1. Yes – deliberate, Geoff! I have seen bushes in two places which appear to have both stigma and anthers developed, although whether functioning is a different matter. But I think that the ‘larger features’ are perfectly adequate to ID alpinum without having to look that closely.

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